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Quest for an Education

Despite the fact that a large number of school-age children are out of school, many are learning are learning under

Puntland Network on Education for All (PUNTNEFA) is an independent, non-profit coalition, consisting of networks, non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations and associations which are interested in education in the Puntland and Somalia as whole. Established in 2012 with the main goal of promoting access to and quality of free primary education for all Somali children boys and girls alike PUNTNEFA seeks to unite the efforts of civil societies to ensure the accomplishment of the goals of Education for All. It seeks to consolidate and mobilize civil society efforts, exchange experience and build the capacities of members to ensure the fulfillment of the EFA goals throughout the state and across the country.

PUNTNEFA aims to improve the quality of education in Somalia by integrating the civil society in impacting policies to lobby the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Puntland to develop the current curricula, train teachers, provide comprehensive education for people with disability, build the capacity of the educational cadre, provide appropriate education for all to increase enrollment rates and respond to community issues, mainly guaranteeing the access of boys and girls to education.