PUNTNEFA has the following objectives:

  1. Mobilize all community actors (including educators, media professionals, university academics, unions’ representatives, parents, and civil society organizations) in order to pressure governments to develop policies and measures that contribute to achieve EFA goals;
  2. To foster citizens’ awareness of and civic engagement in legislation process and national decision-making platforms through public participation and facilitation of interaction forums between government and citizens;
  3. Increased enrolment and retention of pupils in formal schools, non-formal basic and adult education centres, with focus on the girl child;
  4. Improving capacity of teachers and education managers to provide quality teaching and learning;
  5. Build the capacity of the civil society to ensure the active and effective participation in the policy and decision-making process related to the realization of quality, free and safe education;
  6. Provide information through conducting researches and studies to enable civil society organizations to influence decision and educational policy-makers and to organize fact-based and accurate campaigns;
  7. Promote networking among civil society organizations, develop education methods and mechanisms and share experience at the local, regional and international level;