As part of our ongoing Barbaar-kaab Youth Advocacy Project, Puntland Network On Education For All (PUNTNEFA) has conducted the second day of the youth and students advocacy and civic engagement training in Admas University, Garowe. The training benefits to the youth and students organizations, networks and individual members who will enhance their participation and advocacy skills.

The three days training is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, and practices of youth and students on (1) advocacy, (2) rights-based lobbying (3) networking and (4) civic engagement. The training is being facilitated by experienced trainers who developed a module which is supplemented by training materials comprising of the actual contents of the training that further provide detailed lessons on advocacy work skills, gender equality and minority group inclusion, among others.

The trainees will be critical for the effective implementation of other key project components including outreach activities in schools and within the wider communities. The voice of the young leaders will be heard in the policy advocacy forums and and particularly in the routine webinars of PUNTNEFA.

Noteworthy to mention is that the trainers have highly & effectively utilized the GCE’s Youth Organizing Report which provides meaningful guidance on youth issues and undertakings as well as recommendations on youth participation.

The workshop will be adjourned tomorrow by offering certificates which help the trainees to be recognized professional advocates and agents of change going forward.

PUNTNEFA advances its utmost and sincere thanks to the leadership and management of Admas University Garowe and reaffirms its commitment to maintaining this collaboration in the future.

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