With the support of the Global Campaign for Education under the Barbaar-kaab Youth Advocacy Project, Puntland Network On Education For All has organized youth and students engagement consultation meetings in Garowe, Somalia on 28 December 2022. This engagement is part of a mapping exercise to identify the existing national and sub national youth and students’ networks and organization and forge a long term partnership through which the project can most effectively achieve its anticipated objectives.
Once this exercise is finalized, capacity building will be a key component of the partnership with these organizations with the purpose to strengthen their technical and operational capacity and ensure broader outreach. Some potential areas of capacity building will include but not limited to, advocacy, rights-based lobbying, documentation, budget making and tracking and learning through research approaches.
As part of our core values, PUNTNEFA strives to carry out interventions to bring about social justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within our society and thus understands and puts into account the complexity of interwoven prejudices of persons, groups, and communities with multiple disadvantages such as persons with disabilities, in crisis/conflict affected areas etc who have minority marginalized backgrounds. PUNTNEFA puts in place mechanisms to analyze and recognize such intersectional differences and caters appropriate interventions. As such, the current and future activities are and will be sensitive to gender, disability issues among others.
PUNTNEFA is very pleased to use the GCE 2021 Report – Setting -Spaces-for-Youth-and-Students-led-Advocacy in all of our engagement with young people and students.
We thank each and everyone who contributed to the success of our work and we look forward to expanding the base and power of our advocacy.

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